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McMillian, Lavette Principal
Cobb, Christina Asst. Principal/7th grade
Ray, Brittany Asst. Principal/6th grade
6th Grade   Subject Area E-mail  Team
Caine, Nancy Social Studies Captains
Griffin-Cashwell, Penelope Social Studies Vikings
Greenup, Camielle Math Adventurers
Hunter, Victoria Language Arts Vikings
Jabbour, Scott Math/Boys Track Coach Vikings
Jones, Elizabeth Science Captains
Memoli, John Language Arts Adventurers
Modlin, Cynthia Math Captains
Nazario, Susan Science Vikings
Serna, Rocio Special Education Vikings
Steele, Karen Science Adventurers
Moultrie-Stills, Abbie Social Studies Adventurers
White, Kimberly Language Arts Captains
7th Grade   Subject Area E-mail  Team
Alam, Reza Math Navigators
Christie, Birdie Language Arts Deep Sea Explorers
Clifton, Deirdre Language Arts Navigators
Cuen, Sherry Social Studies Deep Sea Explorers
Davenport, Avis Science Deep Sea Explorers
Fields, Nefertiti Math Blockade Runners
Fuentes, Michelle Science Blockade Runners
Geiger, Kiara Social Studies Navigators
Holland, Amber Language Arts Blockade Runners
Moore, Tanasha Social Studies Blockade Runners
Munn, Tracey Special Education/Girls Basketball Coach Blockade Runners
Perakis, Kristen Math Deep Sea Explorers
Walcott, Nakia Science Navigators
8th Grade   Subject Area E-mail  Team
Allen, Patience Math Swashbucklers
Carpenter, Amy Language Arts Swashbucklers
Dahman, Robert Social Studies/Boys Soccer Coach Privateers
Demchock, Jason Language Arts Privateers
Derrickson, Charles Social Studies Sharks
Irvine, Jenny Special Education Swashbucklers
Josey, Patricia Language Arts Sharks
McCabe, Todd Social Studies Swashbucklers
Schlake, Mark Math Privateers
Shelton, Taryn Science Swashbucklers
Talley, Jennifer Science Privateers
Thomas, Arnetha Science Sharks
White, Chad Math Sharks
Electives  Subject Area E-mail  
Boore, Alison Band/Pep Band Coach
Denney, Marisol Spanish
Dunning, Carol Media Coordinator
Grimsley-Brewer, Lisa PE & Health/Volleyball Coach
Hargrove, Morris CTE
Houghton, Ellie CSI/STEM Lab
Hutchison, Rosemary Computer Applications
Jones, John Computer Applications 
Kenworthy, Erol PE & Health/Football &Softball Coach
Kristeller, Richard PE & Health/Football & Wrestling Coach
McLaurin, Elena CTE/Yearbook
Myles, Stephen Business & Marketing/Baseball & Football Coach
O’Connor, Tracey Art
Pepper, Gina PE& Health/Girls Track Coach
Pope, Donna Media & Broadcasting
Smith, Chelsea ESL
Starling, Richard Band
Stiteler, Kristin Orchestra
Thomas, Robert Orchestra
Thompson, Brittany Chorus
Student Services and Resource   
Deputy Anji Wick School Resource Officer
Atkinson, Daryl Safe Schools Coordinator/Boys Basketball Coach

Brady, Melissa Teacher Assistant
Brewer, Deborah Computer Lab
Coleman, Blair E.C. Co-Op/Special Education
Combs, Carl In School Susupension/Boys Track Coach
Diggs, Debraha A.I.G. Diagnostics
Flynn, Carol ESL
Fuentes, Mariah Teacher Assistant
Gallagher, Kelly School Social Worker
Hamilton, Pamela Special Eduction
Hendry, LaQuinda Special Education
Howell, Sheila Special Eduction
Mangum, Mike In School Suspension/I.S.S.
Maples, Aliena 8th Grade Guidance Counselor
McDuffie, Marcus Teacher Assistant
Multunas, Nichole School Psychologist
Rose, Carrie Behavior Coach
Senter, Jennifer A.I.G. Consultant/Forensics Coach
Sineath, Patricia 6th Grade Guidance Counselor
Singleton, Bridget Teacher Assistant
Spilman, Allison Speech
Tucker, Robianna 7th grade Guidance Counselor
Veiga, Hope E.C. Case Manager
Walkup, Crystal School Nurse
Wiegand, Barbara A.I.G. Consultant
Butler, Astrid Data Manager
Blackwell, Annette Receptionist
Loes, Cheryl Ann Medicine Clerk
Mapp, Tinna Receptionist
Niccum, Melissa Media Clerk
Siles, Loretta Bookkeeper
Watson, LeAnna Admin. Assistant to Mr. Dent/Webmanager
Deborah Batton Cafeteria Manager
Theola Snow Head Custodian
Published by Leanna Watson on July 6, 2020