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Revised Dress Code/2019-2020
Published by Leanna Watson on March 1, 2020

DRESS-CODE stop sign graphicDress Code

School dress contributes to the school atmosphere.  Clean, neat appropriately dressed students advertise the fact that they respect themselves in a way designed to win respect from others.  Students are advised to dress with good taste and in doing so contribute to the general pride of the school.

Please read below for the updated details regarding our Dress Code Policy.

John Griffin Middle School does not require a school uniform.  The following Dress Code is enforced;

  1. No inappropriate signs, emblems, or language on clothing is allowed.
  2. Nothing will be worn that will be offensive to any race, religion or gender, or which displays profanity in any form.
  3. Items of a fad nature as determined by the building Principal are prohibited on campus.
  4. Hats, toboggans, sweatbands, bandannas, do-rags or other head coverings are not permitted to be worn or attached/ hanging from an article of clothing or other personal belonging.  All head coverings must be kept in the locker for the entire school day.
  5. Anything to be worn on heads must not be any larger than 1 ½  inches in width, and must be on the part of the head with hair for the purpose of holding the hair back.
  6. Coats must be placed in lockers upon arrival at school.  Hoodies, sweaters, lightweight jackets are permissible to be worn inside the building.
  7. No sunglasses (unless indoor wear is prescribed by a doctor) will be worn; to include wearing them around the neck, on the head, face or on an item of clothing.
  8. No sheer or see through fabric in tops or bottoms unless it has solid fabric underneath it that covers the shoulders and back; this includes but is not limited to, crochet, lace, sheer or knitted fabrics.
  9. No tank tops, belly shirts, spaghetti strap clothing or muscle shirts permitted (Shirts must cover the entire shoulder and back).
  10. No undergarments should be visible at any time.
  11. No skin-tight clothing.  This includes all clothing. Tops, dresses, shirts, compression garments, leggings, jeggings, yoga pants or any other skin tight clothing will be considered undergarments and must be worn with appropriate dress attire which comes to no less than “finger tip” above the knee.

Finger tip test: Stand at attention with fingertips pointing at the floor.  No dress, shorts, skirt, shirt or other attire acting as the final covering may be higher than the finger tips

  1. No dress, skirt, or shorts (to include PE shorts) higher than the finger tips.  This includes the under lining of clothing such as hi/low or double layer dresses/skirts.
  2. No clothing that shows the body’s midsection/torso or cleavage is allowed.
  3. No sagging pants allowed.  Sagging will be defined as; pants low enough to allow whatever is under the pants, regardless of how many layers exist, to be visible.
  4. No pants, skirts or dresses with holes, slits, frayed or shredded areas above the knees.
  5. No bedroom attire or bedroom shoes/ slippers may be worn at any time.
  6. Shoes or sandals must be worn at all times.  Safety concerns prohibit the wearing of flip-flops, slippers or slides.
  7. No wallet chains or chains on clothing at any time.
  8. Key holders around the head or neck area are not allowed.
  9. No spikes on shoes, clothing or accessories.
  10. No cleated athletic type shoes will be worn inside the building at any time.

Noncompliance with the rules listed above may result in disciplinary action.

This policy was revised by the School Improvement Team on June 25, 2018.